The head of organizational development (OD) presents to the CEO some great feedback he received on the company’s last management training:

Head of OD: “As you see, the program was very effective.” CEO: “How do you know that the program was effective?” Head of OD: “The managers’ feedback show that.” CEO: “No. The feedback shows that they are satisfied. It is nice, but I don’t have any data that justified a $200K yearly investment. Especially now, in times of uncertainty.”

Shifting Challenges in Organizational Development

Human resources (HR) departments in organizations across the world have experienced an unexpected shift since the COVID-19 outbreak became a…

Scott Downes is CTO at Invisible Technologies, one of the world’s leading 100%-fully-remote companies.

How do you deal with burnout while working remotely?

When it comes to burnout, I think that a lot of us have been through it personally. Working from home can erode boundaries and make it hard to set boundaries. Notice those indicators. In my experience it is not always driven by working too much. It’s more about making sure that the person is in line with the company’s values, and their own personal mission and values. I actually experienced a sort of burnout at a time when I worked too little or had too little impact.

Make sure that people…

Doug Gaff is Vice President of Engineering at Zapier, one of the world’s leading 100%-fully-remote companies.

How do you manage the mental well-being of your employees from afar?

Thanks. I will begin by describing our people-operation program. We have coaching, managing stress, free meditation apps, and exercise challenges. We use surveys such as pulse surveys and employee surveys. We have a generous L&D budget (Learning and Development). For the time being we reallocated some of that for therapy. So, people can use that if they stressed about COVID-19.

The real nugget of managing mental wellbeing comes from the culture of a company. The most important of those are transparency, empathy, and trust. Combine these in Slack…


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